Volunteer Opportunities

Role Model/Mentoring…

Can you be a guest speaker, a field trip host, or provide opportunities for job shadowing?  Can you sponsor an intern or provide career fair opportunities?  Can you coach teams and provide leadership and life coaching to students or give mini-classes and collaborate with students in person or through virtual resources?

Develop Partnerships…

If you can identify or recruit and manage partnerships with other organizations that support our mission, we need you. 

Marketing/Communications/Visual Arts…

Develop your skills by volunteering to do any of the following: social media, web communications, community outreach, marketing, and event development, or project management, photography and videography.  We are always looking for photographers and videographers.   

Tour Guides…

Are you a great communicator?

Are you personable and can easily strike up a conversation with a stranger?

Are you interested in sharing the history of JSAC with others?


We have an urgent need of volunteer tour guides. All training is provided at JSAC and can be completed within 2 hours. All volunteers are required to undergo training and should be able to commit to spending 2 hours a month as a volunteer.

Volunteers should be:

  • Adept in public speaking
  • Adaptable/Flexible
  • Personable
  • Good Time Management
  • Time to take part in training
  • Be able to guide the hour-long tours

Fundraising is an important part of our continuing success.  Individual and corporate support is vital.  All donations received are crucial to keeping the program running.  We always need help obtaining individual and corporate support to help further our mission.

Volunteer Registration